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We make disciples!   We live the Great Commission (Matt 28:18-20), and we use the Friend model (John 15:15) to do it all!


“Da Sheddites” are something of a legend.  It’s been said that they’re the lost tribe of Canaanites, somehow surfacing thousands of years later in North America. You’ll find “Da Sheddites” out on the highways, riding motorcycles for the glory of God!

But others say they’re called “Da Sheddites” simply because they hang out at a place called “The Shed.”  But almost everyone agrees, they’re all followers of El Shaddai — and maybe that’s how they got that strange name!

You decide what you want to believe. But while you’re considering it, be sure to watch us online or visit us at The Shed to honor and glorify El Shaddai.  When you do, that makes you one of “Da Sheddites” too!


Biker Church USA is a local biker church with an online presence and an open invitation to bikers everywhere to gather once a week with other Christian bikers for some fun in the Lord!  We’re like an Internet Church (iChurch) for Christian bikers!

Biker Church USA produces “Da Sheddites” each week on Saturday nights for the Christian Biker TV Network. Our studio is at The Shed near the Veterans Hospital in Columbia SC. Anyone can visit The Shed!  Or you can participate online in the “Sheddite Chatroom” (see the menu at the top of this page).

There’s nothing to join with “Da Sheddites” or Biker Church USA.  If you’re one of “Da Sheddites,” you’re already part of the crew!


Become a Sheddite!  You might never make it into one of our cartoon caricatures, but you’ll still be part of the crew!

To be a Sheddite, make a commitment to follow El Shaddai by following Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior.  And come hang out with us from time to time either at The Shed or online.

Watch us LIVE on the Christian Biker TV Network on Saturday evenings at 6:30pm (EST) or just hang out in the Sheddite Chat room here on Biker Church USA.


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