We make disciples!  We live the Great Commission (Matt 28:18-20).  And we use the Friend model (John 15:15) to do it!



Yes, we have helped plant a lot of new biker churches and congregations, but that’s not our mission.  Jesus Christ raises up churches (Matt 16:18).  We focus on making disciples.


A lot of bikers convert to Christianity, but they don’t always learn the important lessons of their faith.  As a result, they keep doing pretty much the same things they’ve always done.  It might sound strange, but even if you were “born to ride” … you were not “born again to ride!”

You were born again to learn to trust, honor, and obey your King … Jesus Christ!  Everything else is “shifting sand.”

We understand this attitude puts Biker Church USA on the road less traveled.  Most biker churches and ministries are all about “being biker.”  It’s not uncommon for them to go from one charity ride to another — and regularly play “biker games” too!  Of course, there’s no sin in that.  But here’s the kicker … none of that stuff makes disciples!  None of that has anything to do with the Great Commission!


What if every group that called itself a biker church or motorcycle ministry were required to teach a weekly Bible study in order to keep their patch?  How many would be around next week?  Next month?

The vision for Biker Church USA is just that!  No … we don’t require anyone to do anything.  But we encourage every Christian biker to be part of a weekly Bible study group that involves bikers.


At best, a sinner’s prayer can only make a convert!   A convert is not yet a disciple.  Only the Word of God can transform a convert into a disciple.  And if you’re sharing the Gospel, you need to be prepared to handle the Word too!  The road less traveled (that holy highway) requires us to lead people to Christ and then teach them how to live as Christ!

  • You cannot make disciples just sharing the Gospel at rallies.
  • Someone has to care enough to put an arm around new believers and say, “Hey, let me teach you what it’s really like to live as Christ in today’s world!”

Are you that person?  Will you do that?

  • It’s not about riding — though we all love to do ride!!!
  • It’s about Jesus Christ.  Jesus is the Word of God!

Let’s get ready to ride the Holy Highway together (Isaiah 35:8)