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A long time ago, in the land of Cana, there were 12 tribes of Israelites. There were also 12 tribes of Canaanites (Gentiles). Historians know for certain who the 12 tribes of Israelites were, but until now, they’ve only been able to identify 11 of the Gentile tribes. Until now …


Much lore and legend surround that 12th tribe of Canaanites. According to ancient tradition, the 12th tribe had some kind of connection to the “shad.” Shad was the Hebrew word for “demon.” Shad embodied the worst of evil.

Of course, there’s absolutely no evidence that the missing 12th tribe of Canaanites was shad! But the reputation stalked them like “scooter trash.” Perhaps it was because they supposedly wore blackened animal skins and dark blue sackcloth. Whatever the reason, legend tells us that the missing 12th tribe of Canaanites became known as “Shad-ites.”


After the fall of the temple in 70AD, the “Shad-ites” were dispersed like so many other people who had lived in the Promised Land. Over time, the missing tribe almost certainly ended up on almost every continent in the world. As they spread out, they lost much of their identity, and most people thought they had just disappeared from the face of the earth. That’s how they became known as the “12th tribe” or the “missing tribe of Canaanites.”


In recent years, an amazing thing has happened! An old group has emerged onto the scene. It happened first in the Americas and then in Europe. It quickly spread to Australia, Africa and Asia too. All over the world, men and women in black leather and blue jeans have emerged with a message that’s literally changing the world. And it is definitely not evil!

Christian bikers! Biker churches! Motorcycle ministries! And Christian motorcycle clubs! They’ve begun emerging like a supernatural tsunami. They’re spreading the love of Jesus as they right an age-old injustice more than 2,000 years old.

The Shad-ites have been transformed into “Da Sheddites!” What Satan meant for evil, God is now using for good. Da Sheddites are back in black (leather) and blue (jeans), and although some people still think they’re evil because they ride motorcycles, the world is quickly discovering that Da Sheddites are carrying the Good News of the Kingdom of God to the corners of the world (Matt 24:14).

Once they were lost, but now they have been found (1 Pet 2:25)! Da Sheddites!


If you ride a motorcycle and have something stirring inside you, you might be a Sheddite. We have discovered the missing tribe, but we haven’t found every member yet. You might be one!

If you have a preference for leather, a fondness for jeans, and a passion for the Kingdom of God, Da Sheddite spirit could be in you! You might be part of the long, amazing line of misunderstood people who are committed to the Kingdom of God!

Get connected! Become part of the Biker Bible Institute. Make regular visits to the Christian Biker TV Network.  Get to know what it’s like to be part of the missing tribe of Canaanites too! Let us know if you think you’re a Sheddite!



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